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RavenStar Art's skin care and wellness products are created with love and the intention to help you, our customer, access a source for high quality, natural skin care products. We source ONLY certified organic virgin coconut oil, raw shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, cosmetic grade beeswax, pure D-alpha tocepherol vitamin E, and use only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in our aromatherapy blends. 

The first thing you'll notice when you open a tin of RavenStar Arts Hand, Face and Body Cream is the fresh, subtle, uplifting scent. The second will be the creamy lotion saturating your skin with deep, natural and long-lasting moisture!

RavenStar Art's  hand, face and body creams are unique in the world of natural skin care. They are so much more than skin lotions. It often still amazes me how well they work and how many ways they can be used to love and condition your skin and hair...and hands and feet and more!

Three scents are now available:

RavenStar Arts is here to help you, and nothing gives us greater joy than to hear from you about your experience with our products! So please share the love by sending a testimonial to our  Contact page!  

Just in case you haven't decided yet if you 'should' or not, We offer a money back guarantee on purchases from the RavenStar Store. We are  that confident you will love these products!

If you don't see results within days or don't love what you purchased, contact RavenStar Arts within 15 days of receiving your product so we can answer any questions or resolve your issue. If not, return the unused portion and we will reimburse you for the purchase price.