About RavenStar Arts

About Ravenstar Arts
RavenStar Arts is a new beauty and skin wellness company based in Pinedale, Wyoming and serving the surrounding area. Also serving you where ever you are with our Online Store .

MISSION: Provide highest quality moisturizing skin care and tattoo aftercare, doing business with a high level of honesty and integrity.

VISION: RavenStar Arts envisions a happier, healthier, more beautiful world through the science of nature.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. What you put on it is just as important to your overall wellness as what you eat. It is a constantly regenerating, living protective layer for everything else inside. 

Everything you put on your skin ultimately goes into your body, so why use man-made chemical compounds and artificial fragrances when you can recieve far greater benefits and results - quickly and naturally - from one all natural product that costs much less than most more expensive commercial skin care products? 

RavenStar Arts Hand, Face & Body 'Everywhere' creams deeply moisturize and improve your skin, from overall tone to reducing the appearance of acne, scars and brown spots. They are wonderful for massage and also provide fabulous tattoo aftercare deep moisture and protection! They are highly anti-oxidant, long-lasting - and of course they smell wonderful, subtle and fresh - never overpowering. 

About Me

Hi there and Welcome! I'm Rachel Smith, Potionist and Sole Proprietor at RavenStar Arts.

I'm fifty something and love spending as much time as possible outdoors in the mountains, clear fresh dry air and hot high desert sun of western Wyoming. I ride a motorcycle, rockhound, hike, love to go barefoot and I sunburn easily - all of which are terribly abusive to my fair skin, hands, nails and feet! 

My love of and fascination with essential oils, natural health and, well, necessity, was and is the foundation of RavenStar Arts.

In addition to the regular skin abuse mentioned above, I used to struggle with 'combination' skin, adult acne, exzema and random dry patches, and have probably spent many hundreds of dollars over the years on various salves, medicated 'miracle' creams and lotions. Some helped with one thing and/or caused other problems; and some didn't really help with anything at all - resulting in lots of partially used tubes and bottles of expensive products sitting around. 

So, largely in frustration, about five years ago, I set out to indulge my passions and fix my skin, learning more about essential oil and carrier oil properties, what blends well with what, and how to acquire a refreshing, pleasant, long-lasting scent while working with the scientifically long proven healing properties of each ingredient.

Now, all of those issues are in the past, I'm often told I have great skin, and besides using RavenStar Arts products, the only item I purchase for skin or hair care is shampoo, because it turns out that these are awesome hair conditioners too! For you guys - it works better than beard oils and protects from irritation!

As I've shared my discoveries and blends with family and friends over the past few years, I have learned from their feedback how much more these products actually do than what I initially set out to achieve. So the time has come to share them, and it gives me great joy to help you. So please enjoy them and feel welcome to  contact  me with your questions and feedback.